Awards, Education and Memberships - David Todd

Awards: ACF Silver Microphone 2013
Education: Caller School Ron Jones 1974. Trainee Caller Sparkleate Club 1972-74 National Conventions 1997-2014 NSW State Conventions 1997-2014, Teaching Primary Schools SD Program 1995-Present, Steve Turner Conference Milton 2015, 2015 SARDANSW Callers Day, 2016 SA
Membership: Member NSWSDS, NSWCA Member 1995-Present, ACF Member 1995-Present, NSW Society CSD President, Publicity officer NSWSDS and NSWCA and NSWCA Representative to NSWSDS Convenor 24th NSW State Convention, State Editor South Pacific SD Review, ACF Public Relations Officer 2002-2004, President NSWCA 2003-2004. NSWCA Publicity Officer 2012, NSWCA Rep to NSWSDS 2012-2014, President NSWCA 2014, VP NSWSDS2013, President NSWSDS 2014-present, National Review Executive Officer
International Experience: Called Canadian National Alberta 1978
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