1.0 NAME.

1.1The name of the body shall be "The Australian Callers Federation" (referred to as ACF).

2.0 AIMS.

2.1 To effect the following aims within Australia -

(a) To operate as a National Body in the area and science of Square Dance Calling and to provide leadership and a coordinating role in Australia for Square Dance Callers and Caller Associations.

(b) To be active in all phases of promoting the art and science of square dancing.

(c) To standardise the art and science of square dance teaching, calling, and caller training.

(d) In accordance with our aims, cooperate with all square dance organisations for the betterment of the art and science of square dancing as a whole.

(e) To set standards to which callers may aspire.

(f) To recommend the caller standard that should apply when programming callers for national conventions.


It shall operate as a Federation of Australian Callers and Caller Associations, performing the role of a National Body providing leadership and coordinating activities to further square dancing within Australia. It shall be governed by a constitution, and a board elected by the Members and Affiliated State Associations. It shall be a non-profit organisation directing all its resources, however derived, to its operation and to the pursuit of its aims.


4.1 Membership is open to individuals and associations.

4.1.1 (a) Individual There are two categories of membership for individuals.(i) Caller member.

(ii) Associate member.

(b) Association There is membership for a State or Territory Caller Association. Such an association will be known as an " Affiliated State Association".


4.1.2 Caller Member Minimum Criteria

Caller members are persons who call regularly, at least, one solo night per month, or two shared nights per month, for a square dance club and have done so for at least one year. They will be required to remain active and to show involvement in the teaching of square dancing.

Persons who are recognised as genuine trainee callers will also qualify. A trainee must have demonstrated commitment to self development as a square dance caller. This may include attending a caller class, or a traineeship with a caller or club. Regular guest calling in their area is essential but not a sufficient commitment. This person should be making progress in their development as a more active caller.

4.1.3 Associate Member Criteria

Associate members are persons who -

either (a) call but do not meet the minimum criteria of a caller member,

or (b) a retired Caller

or (c) a person responsible for running a square dance club but not actually calling.

or (d) a caller who is usually resident outside Australia. A caller usually resident overseas requires a written request for membership only, and not a formal application. Such request is to be considered and voted on by the board. Associate members resident overseas are not subject to accreditation by the ACF. Associate members do not have voting rights.


4.1.4 Affiliated State Association Criteria

Any State Association that has, as its prime objective, the nurturing and development of square dance callers, subject to that association's satisfying clause 4.2.2 below.

4.1.5 Individual Life Member

This is an awarded position to honour a member. Nominations should be made in writing to the board for their consideration and recommendation. Nominations recommended by the board are to be ratified by a simple majority of the general membership at a general meeting. Consideration should be given to -

    1. The relative length of service.
    2. The quality and amount of special duties performed.
    3. The scope of service which should include special duties at the "grass roots" for the State Affiliated State Association.

A Life member is not required to pay an annual membership fee, and is entitled to receive a copy of the ACF publications such as "Callerlink" or its equivalent.

4.1.6 Membership Fees

Fees are set out in the By-Laws.

4.2 Joining Procedure

4.2.1 Individual

Applications for individual membership will be accepted from either, the individual, or from an Affiliated State Association on the individual's behalf, and must include the following items –

    1. A completed "Caller Membership Application Form" signed by the member. The information supplied is to be verified by the State Caller Association. The information form enables the ACF to keep accurate and relevant information on Australian callers.

(ii) A payment of approved fees as detailed in the ACF By-Laws.

The board reserves the right to refuse membership, but if it does so, the reason for refusal will be given, and subject to review, with the "Right of Appeal", as detailed in the ACF By-Laws.

4.2.2 Affiliated State Association

To become an Affiliated State Association, an association will be required to sign the "Cooperative Agreement". The Cooperative Agreement is included in the By-Laws.

Before signing the agreement, a caller association should pass an appropriate resolution agreeing to become an ACF Affiliated State Association. After signing the ACF Cooperative Agreement an Affiliated State Association should register all of their "caller members" who would satisfy this definition above in clause 4.1.2, and who are not already members of the ACF.

An Affiliated State Association may grant an exemption from joining the ACF, to a member who has a serious objection to being a caller member of the ACF.


There are two levels of accreditation for caller members –

    1. Accredited caller - achieved by being eligible to call at an Australian National Square Dance Convention in accordance with the National Convention Calling Eligibility Requirements, as contained in the ACF By-Laws.
    2. Non-accredited caller.


6.1 An Executive Board, made up of members elected and appointed by the Membership and Affiliated State Associations, shall govern the Australian Callers Federation. This board shall consist of between fifteen (15) to eighteen (18) members inclusive.

6.1.1 There shall be two types of board members -

(i) Affiliated State Association board member (elected and appointed by an Affiliated State Association).

(ii) Independent board member (nominated and elected by members present at an Annual General Meeting of the ACF).

6.1.2 The board should include at least -

(i) One (1) Affiliated State Association board position from each Affiliated State Association,

and (ii) Three (3) independent board positions open to members independently of their

Member (State) Associations.

6.1.3 The balance of the board positions should be allocated to Affiliated State Associations in proportion to the number of ACF members they represent. The system of calculating the allocation is to be contained in the By-Laws of the ACF. No Affiliated State Association (State or Territory) should have more than four (4) board members, including independent members, at any one time. Affiliated State Association board positions are confirmed prior to any election for independent board positions. If an Affiliated State Association is unable to fill all of the positions allocated to it, then the unfilled positions are considered to be independent board positions and filled accordingly.

6.1.4 Eligibility for board members

This is an elected position. To be eligible, a member must be an Accredited Caller Member of the ACF.

6.1.5 The commitment of board members

A board member -

    1. Should be prepared to carry the cost that may be involved in attending board meetings, which could be held anywhere in Australia.
    2. Must attend at least two out of three board meetings. (Meetings clause 9.1.1 refers).
    3. Should be prepared to devote additional time and effort to this organisation and its operation.

6.1.6 Election, Election Timing and Term Served

    1. Elections will take place every year at the Annual General Meeting. Retiring members may be nominated for re-election.
    2. Members elected serve for a term of three (3) years.
    3. The board positions allocated to Affiliated State Associations will be accepted from the nominations duly elected by, and submitted by, the Affiliated State Association, PROVIDED THAT the nominees are eligible.

(d) If a nomination from an Affiliated State Association is not received at the Annual General Meeting, the meeting shall endeavour to fill that vacancy from the floor of the meeting.

6.1.7 Affiliated State Association board member

    1. Each Affiliated State Association should elect and nominate a member to fill any vacant board position allocated to them. The names of the nominees should be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    2. The Affiliated State Association should also indicate which nominee is preferred as its State Coordinator.
    3. These positions are to be accepted by the Annual General Meeting. The order of acceptance will be the order supplied by the Affiliated State Association.

6.1.8 Independent Member

    1. Nominations for an independent board position may be received in advance or taken from the floor at an Annual General Meeting. Individual members may nominate themselves, or be nominated by another individual member. Any nomination must have the agreement of the individual member and their acceptance of the commitment involved, as well as being seconded by another individual member.
    2. An independent board member position will be decided by members voting in a ballot ( if required) at the Annual General Meeting.

6.2 Casual Vacancies on board

This clause applies when a board position becomes vacant between Annual General Meetings. The Affiliated State Association may elect a replacement to complete the three-year term of their previous representative. The replacement shall only be valid until the next Annual General Meeting, where the meeting will be required to confirm the replacement, thus enabling the term of that position to be completed. If the board position was one for an independent board member, then a replacement board member to complete the remainder of the three-year term is to be elected at the next Annual General Meeting. All replacements shall satisfy the requirements for board membership (clause 6.1.4 refers).


7.1 The ACF board shall have the following official board office bearing positions:-

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Registrar, Editor, and a State Coordinator for each represented State and Territory.

7.2 The board shall elect its "office bearers" annually.

    1. The sitting board members shall select, from within their ranks, persons to fill the official board positions.
    2. Though it is preferred that the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor are held by board members, a person who is not a member of the board maybe selected to hold any of these three positions. An office bearer, who is not a board member, has no voting rights.
    3. Each Affiliated State Association may nominate a board member to represent their association as a State Coordinator. If a nomination has not been received in writing prior to the Annual General Meeting, then the board may elect a board member to the position of State Coordinator for that State.


    1. Chairman shall

    1. Chair meetings of the ACF when appropriate, and acceptable to the body of the meeting.
    2. Conduct business of the board per correspondence meetings between actual meetings.
    3. Coordinate the operations of the board and its sub-committees and be an ex-officio member of any sub-committee, and have the right to assume the chair of any committee.
    4. Represent the ACF, report to, and liaise with, other associations and meeting groups such as the National Convention Annual General Meeting when required.
    5. Provide a written report following all board meetings, and circulate this to all Affiliated State Associations and have it published in its periodical publication called "Callerlink".

    1. Vice-chairman shall

    1. Shall chair meetings of the ACF in the absence of the chairman or when appropriate.
    2. Shall assume the role of Chairman in the chairman's absence when appropriate.
    3. Shall maintain a record of the property and assets of the ACF.
    4. 8.3 Secretary shall

      (i) Keep a register of all financial members. The register should be available for inspection by any member of the ACF.

      (ii) Keep minutes of all meetings of the ACF in a book provided for that purpose.

    5. Receive all correspondence, action, and reply to same within the parameters of existing ACF policy. In the event of any new policy, or business requiring a discretionary decision, an acknowledgment of correspondence should be sent, with a follow up after a relevant board decision.
    6. Maintain a copy of all correspondence for tabling at the next board meeting.

8.4 Treasurer shall

    1. Have the power to expend on behalf of the ACF not more than such amounts as are fixed by the board from time to time without the express sanction of the board.
    2. Receive all moneys and pay same into an account in the name of the ACF.

    1. Keep account of all moneys received and disbursed.
    2. Present an audited balance sheet of this account, and any associated ledgers to the AGM, for approval. All account details must be available upon request within any time frame determined by the board.

    1. Public Relations Officer shall

    1. Prepare reports for publication as directed by the board.
    2. Liaise with other associations in the promotion of the ideals of the ACF.

8.6 The Registrar shall

    1. Keep the Constitution and By-Laws updated ready for the secretary to issue to any member who requires a copy.
    2. Maintain and coordinate a database of members' details, as supplied at the time of application, or renewal, of membership.
    3. Provide relevant information and data to a service provider in the maintenance of electronic media and/or web pages where appropriate.
    4. Maintain a register of applications for copyright licences and action same as required.



8.7 Editor shall

    1. Receive, prepare, and document research findings for the publication "Callerlink".
    2. Format, edit and publish "Callerlink" and arrange its distribution to the mailing list provided by the secretary.

    1. State Coordinator shall

    1. Receive, send and disseminate information and generally coordinate communication between ACF and other caller and dancer associations within a communication network.
    2. Ensure that the source of all reports and documents are declared, and have the contributor's name and date prepared, printed on them where possible.
    3. Prepare reports as directed by the board.

    1. Further duties of these positions may be included in the By-Laws of the ACF.



9.1. Board Meetings

9.1.1 The board shall meet at least once a year. Normally, the board meeting will precede the Annual General Meeting, which will generally be held at or near the time of a National Square Dance Convention. Board members shall try to attend all meetings, but should attend at least two (2) meetings in any three (3) year period. (Leave of Absence clause 9.1.4 refers).

9.1.2 A Quorum for a board meeting shall be nine (9) board members.

9.1.3 A Proxy Vote shall be allowed at board meetings, provided that an apology has been received, and the proxy vote rule is observed (clause 9.3.1 refers).

9.1.4 Any notice of Leave of Absence, excepting unforeseeable circumstances, should be in writing to the secretary one month prior to the next board meeting to indicate whether a quorum will be present.

9.2. General Meetings

9.2.1 General meetings are the responsibility of the Host State for the National Convention. All meeting dates and locations should be set at least 12 months in advance where practical, and a person or an association should be nominated to plan and coordinate that meeting.

9.2.2. A Quorum for all General Meetings shall consist of a minimum of twenty (20) individual members.

9.2.3. A Right to vote will exist for all ACF members. The chairman may have a casting vote, which should, where possible, be used to maintain the status quo.

    1. Proxy Vote Rule

      1. Any member, who is eligible to vote, may vote by proxy at any meeting of the ACF, PROVIDED THAT such power of proxy has been given, in writing, to a member present at the meeting and that the holder of such a proxy, only holds one proxy vote. Powers of proxy will be required to be tabled before voting commences.

    1. Apologies

9.4.1 Any apology for non-attendance at a meeting, excepting unforeseeable circumstances, should be in writing and forwarded to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the meeting to indicate whether a quorum will be present.


10.1 Subscriptions will be set at each AGM board meeting by the board. Membership subscriptions should be paid by the first day of August in each year. Callers who remain in default will be struck from the ACF membership roll.


11.1 All ACF members and ACF Affiliated State Associations are obligated to abide by and uphold our code of ethics. Callers must wholeheartedly prescribe to these established standards of relationship.

      1. Declaration and Acceptance of Obligations as a Caller

"I acknowledge and accept the following obligations: -

(a) I have an obligation to the dancers - therefore I shall provide information, instruction and leadership to enable and encourage the dancers to develop to their full potential, so that they may derive the maximum satisfaction and pleasure from the activity.

(b) I have an obligation to club organisations - therefore I shall participate in the development and maintenance of a sound and respected club organisation, and shall endeavour to discharge this obligation to the best of my ability and advise them wisely and honestly.

(c) I have an obligation to the profession - therefore I shall respect the dignity of other leaders, teachers, and callers as persons, and shall maintain a good reputation for integrity.

(d) I have an obligation to the activity as a whole - therefore in my personal, business and social contacts, I shall be conscious of its heritage and future and conduct myself accordingly.

(e) I have an obligation to continue to work for professional growth, to adhere to uniform nomenclature, to learn and to contribute to the total square dance movement to the maximum of my ability.

(f) I have an obligation to all associations dealing with the activity - therefore I shall promote a spirit of cooperation between associations.

I accept these obligations as a personal responsibility and solemnly pledge myself to think and act in a manner consistent with the highest standards of professional service, and I shall discharge these obligations to the best of my ability."











12.1 The income and property of the ACF however derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the ACF, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus, or otherwise howsoever, by way of profit to the members of the ACF, PROVIDED THAT nothing herein shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to any officer or servant of the ACF, or to any member in return for services actually rendered to the ACF or reasonable or proper rent for premises let to the ACF.


13.1 The ACF will not be dissolved, except at a general meeting of the ACF specially convened for the purpose, and by a resolution carried by a majority of four-fifths of the votes recorded in respect of the same. If after the dissolution of the ACF, and the clearing of all debts and liabilities, there remains any property whatsoever, the same shall not be given or distributed amongst the members. But it shall be given, or transferred to, some other institution or institutions having objects similar to, or in part similar to, the objects of the ACF, PROVIDED THAT they also prohibit the distribution of their property amongst their members. Such institution or institutions are to be determined by the members of the ACF at, or before, the dissolution, or in default thereof by the judge of such court as may have or acquire jurisdiction in the matter.


14.1 This Constitution may only be changed at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, by a vote on a motion. All members must be given notice of the motion to change constitution two (2) months in advance, either by mail, or by an entry in the official newsletter "Callerlink" if the newsletter is issued to all members.

14.2 For the vote to succeed the following points must be satisfied:

(i) There must be a quorum at the meeting.

(ii)The resolution must be passed by a 70% vote of all members at the meeting (proxy votes included).


15.0 BY-LAWS.

15.1 This Constitution shall allow for the existence and operation of "By-Laws of the ACF". The By-Laws may set conditions for the operation of the ACF, PROVIDED THAT no By-Law is contrary to, or alters the intent of the Constitution.

15.2 By-Laws may be approved by a majority vote of members present at a general meeting, proxy votes included.

(Effective from July 1988 ACF88CN4 - as amended April 2000)