BMH 000 Index of Contents [PDF 11K]
BMH 001 ACF Board Members Contact List [PDF 48K]
BMH 002 ACF Board Member History [PDF 43K]
BMH 003 Functions that ACF Board Members can perform [PDF 6K]
BMH 004 ACF Board Members Pledge [PDF 15K]
BMH 005 ACF Constitution. [PDF 50K]
BMH 006 ACF By-Laws [PDF 89K]
BMH 007 Procedure for making national decisions [PDF 5K]
BMH 008 New Membership Form ACF + APRA via State Asn [PDF 14K]
BMH 008 New Membership Form_2 Page_ACF + State Asn + APRA [PDF 36K]
BMH 009 New Membership Form ACF+ APRA Direct [PDF 10K]
BMH 010 Membership Renewal ACF + APRA via State Asn [PDF 32K]
BMH 011 Membership Renewal ACF + APRA + Accreditation [PDF 17K]
BMH 012 Membership Renewal ACF + APRA without Accreditation [PDF 29K]
BMH 013 Request for APRA Licence Only [PDF 28K]
BMH 014 Procedure for bulk Membership Renewal ACF + APRA [PDF 6K]
BMH 015 Procedure for Operation and Maintenance of Website and Caller Database [PDF 36K]
BMH 016 Guidelines ACF Get Together [PDF 24K]
BMH 017 Caller Assessment Form ACF Get Together [PDF 6K]
BMH 018 ACF Awards History [PDF 23K]
BMH 019 What you need to know about APRA [PDF 14K]
BMH 020 What you need to know about PPCA [PDF 5K]
BMH 021 Confirmation Agreement for the Provision of SD Calling [PDF 54K]
BMH 022 A Callers Guide to understanding Round Dance Phase [PDF 13K]
BMH 023 Callerlab [PDF 6K]
BMH 023 Callerlab Certificate - ACF [PDF 1158KB]
BMH 024 Procedure for Assessment or Re-Assessment of Convention Eligibility [PDF 6K]
BMH 025 Program Advisory Panel - National Conventions.pdf [PDF 46K]
BMH 026 ACF - State Caller Association - Co-operative Agreement [PDF 10K]
MiniLab 2008 Group Photo [JPG 2400K]