Diane Ashton - Board Member

Diane Ashton - Board Member

Hi, I'm Di, from Tassie.

A friend dragged me along as her 'male' partner to learn Square Dancing in 2000, and when she moved on to try something else, I was encouraged to continue. My calling career started as a direct result of participating in an Amateur Callers night in Tasmania. The next year, I obviously couldn't participate again unless I did something different, so I cued a round dance. I've been calling and cueing ever since. Initially, I said I would never do anything but the flip side of a record and definitely no hoedowns. I've since learned, never to say no ... life takes us in more interesting directions when we say 'yes'. It might be scary, but can be much more rewarding.

Saying 'yes' now sees me as only the 2nd female chairman of the ACF and the first from my home state of Tasmania. I'll give it all I've got and look forward to the next 3 years in this position.

I've attended and called at every ANSDC since 2002, programmed 2 ANDS Conventions and held various positions at club committee level, state level and national level. I'm on the Darwin 2024 committee and the Tasmanian 2026.

See you in a square, somewhere.