Jaden Frigo - Board Member

Jaden Frigo - Board Member

Jaden Frigo presented his first call in 2005 at age 8 and has been involved in club calling since 2009. He has been calling full time since finishing secondary college in 2015 - one of few full-time callers in Australia.

In 2012 Jaden started running his own club 'Australiana Dancers' a club which in just 6 years has expanded to 9 sessions a week (all called by Jaden,) over 150 club members and hosting at least 2-3 weekend specials every year. This is one of Australia's biggest and most active square dance clubs.

Jaden has been invited to call in Australia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the USA. He now conducts annual calling tours spending at least 4-5 weeks a year in Europe and America. Also well regarded for his caller training Jaden has been on staff at caller schools/seminars across America and Australia.

Jaden calls and teaches all levels from Mainstream through to C1. He is known for his smooth, creative choreography, entertaining presentation and varied music selection. In addition to calling he is an active round dance cuer - teaching all Rhythms and Phases up to Ph V. He has choreographed many round dances.

Outside of calling Jaden has a keen interest in sport, travelling and music. He has a large board game collection and enjoys spending time with these or watching his favourite movies/TV shows.