Trevor Hunt - Retired

Trevor Hunt - Retired

Trevor's interest in Square Dancing began in the early 1970's. While serving on the board of the YMCA he was instrumental in getting the Shooting Stars SDC started in Elizabeth. Caller Allan Frost was approached and agreed to teach & call squares fortnightly. Once established, a committee was formed to assist Trevor running the club. Following a request from the dancers who wanted to dance weekly, Trevor sort Allan's approval to record the fortnightly dances on a reel to reel recorder. Trevor spent many hours editing and putting together a program that would allow him to run the club weekly and Trevor became club leader on alternate weeks teaching, learning to call, and in 1973 started calling for the alternate weekly club nights, enabling him to call at the Trail-ln dance at the 1974 National Convention in Melbourne.

In 1975, Trevor started the Cross Trails Club shared with Heather Towner for 5 years. During that time they were known as the " Town & Country Callers ".

In 1977 Trevor met his future wife Lorraine. In 1980, with the backing of the Tea Tree Gully Council they opened Trails End SDC, running as a Basic/Mainstream club at first and later moving to Hillcrest and becoming a Plus Club which ran for over 20 years.

Trevor & Lorraine married at Felixstowe in 1982. The Master of Ceremonies for the Reception Dinner and Square Dance that followed was Colin Huddleston, with wife Sophie, as Special Guests.

In 1983, a phone call from the committee of Shooting Stars SDC inviting Trevor to their meeting as they were planning to close the club. The Caller they had engaged was no longer available. At that meeting Trevor was offered the club to run as his own, the alternative being closure. Soon after Trevor & Lorraine took over Shooting Stars this time as a Caller Run Club.

In early 1980's Trevor attended a Bill Peters (USA) Callers Seminar held in Melbourne. Trevor approached Bill re coming to Adelaide resulting in Adelaide being put the list for his next visit to Australia in 1986.

After discussions with Lorraine, they hatched a plan to run not only a Seminar, but a weekend of Square Dancing with Feature Callers and so began preparations for the first of 13 S.A. Springtime Festivals of Square Dancing, including Caller Seminars open to all States & Territories, all Convened by Lorraine with Trevor checking hall suitability, sound, programming and stage management, all costs incurred were jointly under-written by Trevor & Lorraine. The Festival featured some of the best Callers of that time, from Overseas and Australia. Callers for the 1986 Festival were Bill Peters & Jim Mayo ( USA) Both Accredited Teachers & Callers. The last Annual Springtime Festival of Square Dancing was held at Surrey Downs and Featured Paul Bristow (UK). 

In 1989, Trevor & Lorraine opened Gawler Heritage Square Dance Club, This Club ran for around 12 years. This year both Trevor & Lorraine served on the 33rd Australian National Square Dance Convention Committee.

Trevor and Lorraine attended 1990 Callerlab "Mini-Lab" on the Gold Coast where they met Jim Mayo again.

In 1992, Trevor & Lorraine were involved in a serious MVA while travelling to host the SASDS Dance. Trevor spent time calling the dances from a sitting position on stage until fully recovered.

In 1993, Trevor opened two Line Dance Weekly Clubs these were well attended and served somewhat as recruiting grounds for Square Dancing, although limited numbers took up both options.

Across these years Trevor & Lorraine were running Shooting Stars, Trails End, Gawler Heritage Squares and two Line Dance Clubs, doing Demonstrations when required, Calling at Street Parties, Annual Country Music Festivals, One Night Square Dance Shows for various Sporting Clubs, Church Groups and other private functions.

Trevor has called in all States and Territories of Australia, was Feature Caller for 1996 Gympie Goldrush Festival Qld, and has called at National Conventions in Australia and New Zealand and New Year Eve Festivals in NZ.

Trevor is a Current Member and past Board Member of Australian Callers Federation, past State Representative of the National Square Dance Society, is a Life Member of and Past President of South Australian Callers Association and Life Member of South Australian Square Dance Society. During the 1980's Lorraine was Secretary for SASDS, and is a past Secretary for the South Australian Callers Association. On three occasions, at the request of then SASDS Publicity Officer, Lorraine gave interviews regarding Square Dancing on State Radio and ABC National Radio.

In 1997 Trevor and Lorraine toured Europe, UK, USA, Canada and part of the South Pacific, Calling at Clubs, Conventions, Festivals and Resorts in Sweden, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, USA and Belgium and have had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the world’s finest Callers.

In 1998 Trevor received membership to the (USA) Callerlab Quarter Century Club recognising 25 years of service to Square Dancing. The award was presented to Trevor through the post by George White who at that time was Executive Director of the Governing Board of Callerlab. With an accompanying document attesting to Trevor’s 25years service to the industry , also signed by George White. Trevor treasurers those documents.

In 2001 for health reasons, Trevor closed 2 of the 3 Square Dance Clubs but continued to run the Shooting Stars SDC calling mainstream & plus levels. Trevor received the Silver Microphone award and certificate from the Australian Callers Federation dated 9th June 2001. In 2002 he received the small badge in recognition for the same award, consequently the badge is stamped 2002.

Having serious cardiac problems and other family member health problems, Trevor & Lorraine decided to close the Shooting Stars SDC after its 38" birthday, a farewell to Shooting Stars free dance was extremely well attended on 3" April 2011.

Trevor & Lorraine received Honorary Membership to Scoot Back SDC in 2013 in recognition of continuing support of their committee run club.

Trevor's calling for demonstrations & one night shows continued until 2017. However, Trevor has continued to call and teach beginner classes for Scoot Back SDC until the Covid-19 virus closed all clubs in early 2020. Trevor after more than 40 years involvement in Square Dancing plans to continue teaching Squares for Scootback SDC when restrictions are lifted, while Lorraine continues to collect information regarding the origins of SD in S.A.

Trevor's profession outside of Square Dancing was Wood Machinist / Wood Turner and Lorraine holds a Degree in Nursing Sciences. Trevor in earlier days was an accomplished Track & Road cyclist.