Darryl Edward Burrows Partner :Carol

Townsville 4814 QLD

Phone07 4775 2843
Phone work
Mobile0488 752 843

Caller Information

Joined ACF1991
State AssociationQCA
State RankingQCA - State
Member of CallerLabNo

Caller Experience

Calling 22 Years of Experience
1990 First year of calling
6 years total break in calling
Club Calling 19 Years of experience
1993 First year of club calling
6 years total break in club calling

Calling/Cueing Abilities

Calls ContraNo
Cues CloggingNo
Calls One NightersYes
Cues Line DancingNo
Cues RoundsNo
Calls SquaresYes

National Convention Eligibility

Eligible for MainstreamY
Eligible for PlusN
Eligible for A1N
Eligible for A2N
Convention Assessment LevelNA [0 / 0]

Awards, Education and Memberships

EducationCaller Schools - Introduction to Hoedowns 1-7, NQ94 Smythe, NQ98 Smythe Stopped calling 2000 and resumed calling 2007
MembershipSA Review Editor, Treasurer/Secretary Trail End SA, President Shooting Stars/ Gawler Heritage SA, Twin City Twirlers President Qld, Bugle Editor QLD, Treasurer/Publicity Officer Sun City Square & Round Dance Club
International ExperienceNil


Sun City SquaresFridayWeeklyMs