Janice Alexander Partner :Des Dickinson

PO Box 229
Nunawading 3131 VIC

Phone03 9872 5399
Phone work

Caller Information

Joined ACF1994
State AssociationVCA
State RankingVCA - Club Caller
Member of CallerLabNo

Caller Experience

Calling 32 Years of Experience
1986 First year of calling
Club Calling 28 Years of experience
1990 First year of club calling

Calling/Cueing Abilities

Calls ContraNo
Cues CloggingNo
Calls One NightersYes
Cues Line DancingNo
Cues RoundsNo
Calls SquaresYes

National Convention Eligibility

Eligible for MainstreamY
Eligible for PlusN
Eligible for A1N
Eligible for A2N
Convention Assessment Level1 [84 / 9]

Awards, Education and Memberships

EducationCaller Schools - VCA Caller Training Weekend 1992, Jeff Seidel Seminar 1995, Ed Foote Weekend 1996. Minilab Adelaide 1998. VCA Weekend Seminars x2 B Hotchkies and S Turner 2003, 2011. Graham Elliott 2004. Jason Dean 2006, MiniLab Qld 2008. Steve Turner 2012, 2016 ACF Caller Conference, 2016 Paul Bristow Clinic.
MembershipVCA Member 1992, Secretary VCA 1995-2000, Member VCA Accreditation Board 2000-2003 ACF Member 1994-Present, President VCA 2000-2003, National Conv Secretary 2000, State Conv Program Manager 2000 & 2003, 2008. National Conv Deputy Program Manager 2005. VCA President 2005-2011, VCA Secretary 2012-Present VCA President 2017.
International ExperienceNZ Hamilton 2005