Raymond Bates Partner :Helen Bates

Kambah 2902 ACT

Phone02 6231 5868
Phone work02 6146 2067
Mobile0422 542 922

Caller Information

Caller/CuerCaller Trainee
Joined ACF2017
State AssociationACTCA
State RankingACTCA - Trainee
Member of CallerLab

Caller Experience

Calling 2 Years of Experience
2016 First year of calling
2018 First year of club calling

Calling/Cueing Abilities

Calls ContraNo
Cues CloggingNo
Calls One NightersNo
Cues Line DancingNo
Cues RoundsNo
Calls SquaresYes

National Convention Eligibility

Eligible for MainstreamN
Eligible for PlusN
Eligible for A1N
Eligible for A2N
Convention Assessment LevelN/A

Awards, Education and Memberships

EducationSARDA NSW Caller School Weekend, Corrimal NSW, 20-21 January 2018
Caller school, Casino NSW, 19-23 June 2017
2016 SARDANSW Caller Education Day, 2016 SARDANSW Caller Clinic Weekend with Steve Turner, 2017 SARDANSW Caller Trainging Weekend with Mel Wilkerson,
International Experience