Brian Chetwynd Partner :

Armidale 2350 NSW

Phone02 67725855
Phone work

Caller Information

Caller/CuerCaller Trainee
Joined ACF2018
State AssociationSARDA NSW
State RankingSARDA NSW - Trainee
Member of CallerLab

Caller Experience

Calling 1 Years of Experience
2017 First year of calling

Calling/Cueing Abilities

Calls ContraNo
Cues CloggingNo
Calls One NightersNo
Cues Line DancingNo
Cues RoundsNo
Calls SquaresYes

National Convention Eligibility

Eligible for MainstreamN/A
Eligible for PlusN/A
Eligible for A1N/A
Eligible for A2N/A
Convention Assessment Level

Awards, Education and Memberships

EducationAttended Brian Hotchkies School 2017 and Barry Wonson School 2018.
International Experience