What are the new Features on the website?

  • A General cleanup of the website with face-lift
  • New search functionality for caller & events (clubs)
  • Photo Gallery
  • History of the ACF
  • Dedicated new pages
    • Pages for members, local and international websites
    • Dedicated page for caller History 
  • Login page for all members
    • members can update their own personal details at any time
    • members will also perform ACF annual renewal online (financial form from state still required)
    • State coordinators & registrar check and confirm details, once approved you profile is instantly live

Where did the data come for the website?

This came from the previous website where the data came from your ACF renewal form.

What should callers do with the new website?

We want you to login and confirm your person details are correct, if not please update them. To do this, please do the following:

  • Go to website
  • Click login button from top menu
  • Click Forgot your password button
  • Type the email address you put on your last ACF renewal form and press lookup
  • You should get an email from us to reset your password, please do this and try and to log back in
  • Update any personal details that are not correct and press submit
  • Perform Happy dance!!!!

What if my calling/Club details are not correct?

Unfortunately you will need to wait until the next renewal term. We will not be taking any requests prior to this to fix up other information.

How do new members join?

Like our existing processes, this is to be done via the state coordinators as the new members need to pay money and we have not added payment options into the new website.