The Caller Training Committee just completed a major revision of the Starter Kit for New Callers (previously called the Starter Kit for Newer Callers).  

The Caller Training Committee created this kit to provide prospective callers and new callers with an introduction to the knowledge and skills they will need to study and acquire if they decide to learn to call modern western square dances.

The best news?  It is available as a free download on the CALLERLAB Website:

Did you know ... CALLERLAB has a sample contract for clubs and callers to use?

Check out the updated fillable PDF that now includes SSD as an option in the program section:

An updated version of the C-1 Definitions is now available from the CALLERLAB Website:  Updates include:

  • Added <main call> But <anything> and removed But from the “Glossary of Modifying Terms”.
  • Modified Pass the Axle and Scoot and Plenty in accordance with the new But definition.
  • Revised the definition of Square the Bases to clearly have 3 parts and added Square the Bases But <anything>.
  • Updated Split Counter Rotate in “How Calls Are Extended at C-1” due to a recent change in the Advanced Definitions.